The Case for MMU Cheshire


What is the future for MMU Cheshire?

 The Vice Chancellor and the Board of Manchester Metropolitan University are currently considering proposals to cut back or close our Crewe campus.

Plans set out by consultants Deloitte could result in:

  • potential redundancies: up to141 academic jobs plus technical and support staff
  • fewer courses and a narrower range of learning experiences for future students
  • shrinking of the public Higher Education sector in the region
  • the permanent loss to the community of Crewe and East Cheshire of the cultural and economic benefits of a local public University.

UCU opposes compulsory redundancies

We call on all staff and students to support your MMU colleagues.

 UCU believes that increased investment in the Crewe campus can build on MMU’s achievements and ensure a sustainable academic and financial future.

To read MMU UCU’s The Case for MMU Cheshire click on the link above.

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Branch and UCU meetings 16-17 updated

Manchester Metropolitan University Branch:  meetings and deadlines list 2016-7 (subject to change)

Branch Meetings Venue Committee Meetings Venue NW Regional Committee Sat am Manchester Deadlines
Wed Sept 14th


old SU UCU office 207 Approve NW delegates before Oct 15th
Wed 12th Oct.

1 – 3pm

Crewe Wilson 0.18

Seeley 1.26

Saturday 15th October  time?
Thurs. 13th Oct.  2 – 4pm John Dalton East E0.34  
Wed Nov 23rdth


old SU UCU office 207
Wed 7th Dec

1.30 – 3.30pm

Geoffrey Manton 302
Thurs. 8th Dec

2 – 4pm


Seeley 1.26

Mon Feb 27th

1.15 – 2pm

old SU UCU office 207 within 15 days from 21st Jan
Wed, 1st March

12.30 – 2pm

GM LT7 Congress motions by noon Fri 17th March.
Thurs. 2nd March

10 – 11.30am


Delaney 0.01

Wed March 15th 2pm old SU UCU office 207 within 4 weeks from 1st April: AGM
Wed 3rd May

2 -4pm


Seeley 1.26

Thurs 4th May

1 – 3pm

John Dalton East E.0.34
Wed May 10th


old SU UCU office 207 Wed 17th May Nominations for branch committee to Returning Officer.

27th-29th May

AGM Manchester

Wed 14th June

2 – 4pm

Geoffrey Manton 302 Results of branch elections declared
AGM Crewe

Thurs 15th June



Seeley 1.26

Wed July 5th 2pm old SU UCU office 207