Message of support from Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner MP:

“I share your alarm at the threat of compulsory redundancies arising from MMU’s announcement that they will close their Crewe campus.
“All redundancies of university staff are to be regretted, but this case is particularly concerning, as it appears management have failed to enter into any meaningful negotiations to see what alternative options were available. I urge them to meaningfully negotiate and address these concerns by finding an alternative to compulsory redundancies.
“The fact that this dispute arose from the decision to close the Crewe campus is also especially disappointing. Campuses such as Crewe can play a key role in providing education, and helping students from all backgrounds to access it, as well as supporting the local economy.
“I understand the pressures facing vice-chancellors but, they must, at all times, consider the welfare of their students and their staff to make their university a success. As a former trade unionist myself, I know the decision to start industrial action has not been taken lightly, and I send my solidarity and support along with newly elected Labour MP, Laura Smith.”

Strike action today

Today we picketed all the main entrances and buildings in the University including Crewe, in Manchester from 7am. We talked to many sympathetic colleagues who work in administrative jobs, including Unison members, who are extremely concerned about colleagues in Crewe, and the prospect of possible redundancies in Manchester.  I gave interviews to the Manchester Evening News, Key 103 Radio, and Talk TV; Crewe Chronicle spoke to colleagues at Crewe; and Martyn Moss for UCU talked to ITV, and BBC radio Manchester.  Student supporters came to back us up – but we did not have to persuade UCU members to turn round, or to support the strike. Only non-members seemed to be going into work. Support like that tomorrow, Wednesday, will really help to make our point. Our rally in the Deaf Institute was inspiring, with protest songs from Crewe-based music lecturer Pete Dale, in great voice despite the imminent threat of redundancy, and speeches from our General Secretary Sally Hunt, Adam Ozanne Branch Secretary of the University of Manchester, Nik Wigmore of the NUT, an MMU postgraduate student, and John Deeney, MMU UCU rep from Crewe;  all ably MC’d by Lucy Burke for the branch committee.

In an earlier strange encounter, along with a student supporter I crossed paths with the Vice Chancellor Malcolm Press and DVC Jean-Noel Edzingeard on their way into a senior staff team meeting. The Vice Chancellor offered to take a leaflet from me; and then all our leaflets.  I said how disappointed we were that we had not had a message offering to open meaningful talks with us.  The Vice Chancellor had nothing new to add, not even a chink of light.  I was, though, able to introduce him to one of our postgrad students, who applied to us as a mature student with limited qualifications – below the entry tariff –  and first in his family to even consider a University education – on the basis of an outstanding selection of original creative writing; who went on to take a first class degree; and is now taking an MMU masters course with a view to studying for a PhD.  Exactly the sort of student who stands to lose out if the management cuts places and ups entry tariffs.

So it is not only for the sake of our colleagues that we picket the Open Day tomorrow Wednesday, to get our message out to prospective students and their families – and passers by.  We believe that to drop those compulsory redundancies and invest in the staff, is part of a sustainable academic future for MMU; one which privileges the quality of tuition and the value of the student experience in our University, alongside true respect for all its members.

Decent working conditions and job security should be the measure of every University for any applicant.

And open argument and debate is what coming to University is all about.  Including on an open day!

If you are a member of UCU at MMU, and you have not yet been down to the picket lines, please come.  Picketing tomorrow from 7am; open day event from 10m at All Saints, Manchester.  Just bring yourself  and your passion for our cause.

If you are a supporter – we would love to see you there.

In solidarity,
Julie Wilkinson
MMU UCU Branch Chair

Wakefield and District NUT – and graduate of Manchester Polytechnic as was

Please pass on a message of support from Wakefield NUT for your
strike.  I was a student at Manchester Poly in the 80s’ we were
fighting against cuts then and so the struggle continues over 30 years
Lets hope one day spending money on education is more of a government
priority than spending money on waging war.
If there is anything else we can do to support your dispute please
don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Yours in peace and solidarity

Sally Kincaid
Divisional Secretary
Wakefield & District NUT

Congratulations for taking up this fight from London Region UCU

We are all sick to the back teeth of hearing time and time again from colleges, universities, schools, hospitals and workplaces around the county that the workforce is ‘too expensive’ and that more courses and services need to be cut, only to pave way for pay rises for principals and VCs and fancy new buildings.
Young people in this country took to the ballot boxes to vote, despite many writing them off as self interested or apathetic, and not just over tuition fees but about not been able to afford to pay rent. We need to get behind them.
Austerity is over!
Solidarity from London Region and let us know what else we can do to support you.
Best wishes
Mandy Brown
UCU London Regional Secretary C