London Met say remember to take water onto picket lines!

Londonmet UCU send full solidarity to you for your strike next week. Congratulations to you and other UCU members at MMU for standing up to these attacks from your management to protect jobs, education and the closure of campuses.
As you know we at Londonmet have been through many years of such attacks, including vast amounts of redundancies, national contract attacks, restructuring, casualisation and victimisation of our reps. This has lead eventually to the (second) international boycott of London Metropolitan University which is still ongoing. We are now negotiating for 3 more days at ACAS on primarily workload and casualisation and victimisation of our reps. We can write to your Vice Chancellor and we salute you for your strength in resisting these attacks and taking strike action. Let us know of anything further we can do. 
University managements are vulnerable to strike action, and we very much hope that you can win your dispute. Remember to have lots of water on your picket lines!!
Lots of solidarity to you all,
Christina Paine (Londonmet UCU, Branch secretary)

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