Contact details for branch officers 2020-21

Role Contact Department
Chair Lucy Burke
Secretary Julie Wilkinson
English/Creative Writing
Vice Chair John Deeney
Art and Performance
Health and Safety Cathy Urquhart Business School
Casework Co-ordinator Helen List English/Film
Treasurer Keith Crome Philosophy
Membership Secretary Olly Bones Psychology
Equalities Officer Linnie Blake English/Film
Environmental Officer Hannah Matthews Environmental Science
Convenor Righton/Cav Kathryn Brownbridge MFI
Convenor HPSC Margaret Struthers HPSC Social Work
Convenor Education Pura Ariza Education
Convenor Geoffrey M Michael Gorman & Huw Jones & Art/English
Convenor Business Matthew Gobey & Kevin Albertson & Business
Convenor John Dalton Jon Borresen Maths
Convenor New Arts Bldg John Deeney
Convenor Law Maria Bryan Law
Ordinary Member Daniel Joseph Sociiology
Convenor Art Simon Faulkner Art
Ordinary Member Brigitte Graf Health & Nutrition
REC SAT rep Patrick Williams Criminology

Branch meetings Academic Year 2019-20

MMU UCU Branch and Committee meetings 2019-2020: rooms from October tbc.  Branch meeting venues from October may change.  Look out for all-member emails advertising meeting venues and for any emergency additional meetings.

Tuesday 3 September 1-3pm G.07 SBB Local reps and committee meeting GTVO
Wednesday 11 September 1-2.30pm G.07 SBB Committee meeting
Wednesday 18 September 1 – 3pm 407B Business School North Atrium Branch meeting
Wed 16th Oct 1 – 2.30pm Committee meeting
Thursday 17th Oct 10am DEOC Meeting
Wed 27th Nov 1 – 3pm Birley Branch meeting
Wed 11 Dec 1 – 2.30pm Committee meeting
Wed 22ndJan 1 – 2.30pm Committee meeting
Wed 29thJan 1 – 3pm. Geoffrey Manton Branch meeting
12th Feb 2pm venue tbc DEOC meeting
Wed 26thFeb 1 –  2.30pm Committee meeting
Wed 11thMarch. 1 – 3pm Benzie Branch meeting
Wed 1stApril 1 – 2.30pm Committee meeting
AGM Wed 6th May 1 – 3pm John Dalton
Wed 13thMay 10am venue tbc DEOC meeting
Wed 20thMay First meeting of newly elected branch committee: date tbc
Wed 10thJune 1 – 3pm tbc Branch meeting