Message of support from Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner MP:

“I share your alarm at the threat of compulsory redundancies arising from MMU’s announcement that they will close their Crewe campus.
“All redundancies of university staff are to be regretted, but this case is particularly concerning, as it appears management have failed to enter into any meaningful negotiations to see what alternative options were available. I urge them to meaningfully negotiate and address these concerns by finding an alternative to compulsory redundancies.
“The fact that this dispute arose from the decision to close the Crewe campus is also especially disappointing. Campuses such as Crewe can play a key role in providing education, and helping students from all backgrounds to access it, as well as supporting the local economy.
“I understand the pressures facing vice-chancellors but, they must, at all times, consider the welfare of their students and their staff to make their university a success. As a former trade unionist myself, I know the decision to start industrial action has not been taken lightly, and I send my solidarity and support along with newly elected Labour MP, Laura Smith.”

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